Premium 1 Package closes the Order to Cash cycle transparently and consistently and contains extra features for the automation and optimization of industry specific operations. The modules allow operators like long distance carriers and first/last mile carriers to process orders on contracts, to plan activities in the most optimal and user friendly manner and to invoice to customers and process received supplier invoices.

Key features

Optimized Production Planning

  • Automated decisions support in the planning process; automatically assign available resources or manually select resources from a filtered list of available locomotives and drivers.
  • Real time validation to ensure compliancy with (local) rules and regulations.
Mobile app for driver

Mobile app for driver

  • Clear overview of drivers' tasks
  • Real time reporting of events, wagon damages and station overviews
  • Driver has instant acces to roster
  • eDocs contain all mandatory documents needed for long-haul transports (such as, train list, waybills and braking sheet)


premium package 1